1. Shell (Hulix,Advance)

Shell is a global leader in the oil industry, and its engine oils are widely trusted. Shell Helix offers a range of products suitable for various car models. Their advanced formulations provide excellent protection against wear, deposits, and oxidation. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, or hatchback, Shell has an oil for you.

2. CALTEX (Havoline)

Caltex Havoline is another well-known brand in Pakistan. Their fully synthetic oils are designed to meet the requirements of modern engines. Havoline oils offer superior lubrication, thermal stability, and engine cleanliness. Regular use can enhance fuel efficiency and prolong engine life.


Aisin, a Japanese brand, is recognized for its automotive components, including engine oils. While less common in Pakistan, Aisin oils are worth considering. They focus on performance and reliability, ensuring your engine runs smoothly.


Liqui Moly, a German brand, has gained popularity among car enthusiasts. Their synthetic oils provide exceptional protection and maintain viscosity even under extreme conditions. Liqui Moly oils are known for their high-performance characteristics.


Motul, a French brand, offers a wide range of engine oils. Their synthetic and semi-synthetic oils cater to different car engines. Motul oils prioritize performance, cleanliness, and longevity.


Although not initially mentioned, Castrol is a globally recognized brand. Castrol engine oils are widely used and trusted. Their extensive product lineup includes oils suitable for various driving conditions.


Kixx, a Korean brand, has made its mark in the Pakistani market. Their oils are formulated to withstand extreme temperatures and provide reliable protection. Kixx oils are available in different viscosity grades.

8. ZIC

Zic, a trusted local brand, offers high-performance engine oils. Their synthetic blends and advanced additives ensure excellent engine cleanliness and protection. Zic oils are suitable for both urban commuting and long drives.


AMS Oil, although less common, provides quality synthetic oils. Their focus is on extended drain intervals and improved engine performance. Consider AMS Oil if you’re looking for durability and efficiency.

10. Genuine Oils (Toyota, Honda, Suzuki)

Engine Oil Grades

Most of these brands offer the following oil grades:

Country of Origin

These top brands hail from various countries:

Remember to choose the oil grade that matches your car’s specifications and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change intervals. Regular maintenance and using high-quality engine oils contribute to a healthy engine and better overall performance! and only buy it from Gari Parts website and stores in Karachi

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