We understand your passion for driving. Whether it's the thrill of the night lights, the roar of the engine, or simply the joy of driving with your best friend, we know why you drive. That's why we've developed Shell Helix Fully Synthetic Motor Oils, made from natural gas and designed to deliver ultimate engine performance. Keep your passion for driving alive and Drive On with Shell Helix.

Discover Shell Helix POWER and Shell Helix PROTECT

Shell Helix is proud to announce two new variants in our specialist motor oils lineup: Shell Helix POWER and Shell Helix PROTECT. These innovative products are co-engineered with Shell V-Power to offer exceptional Power and Protection for your passenger car engines.

These premium lubricants are the result of over a century of Shell’s commitment to technology and research, ensuring that we bring you the best products and services.

Exclusively Available at Shell Retail Stations

Shell Helix POWER and Shell Helix PROTECT are available exclusively at Shell retail stations. Experience the difference these top-of-the-line lubricants can make for your car.

Additionally, you can now find Shell Helix POWER and Shell Helix PROTECT at Gariparts.com and Gari Parts oil change outlets in DHA. Get your hands on these exclusive products and keep your engine running at peak performance.

Stay passionate about driving with Shell Helix. Drive On.


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